April 12, 2020

5 Things you can do with your Wedding Photos AFTER your Wedding

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Your wedding day has been over and you are just thinking back to the amazing moments with your boo. It’s sooooo natural to just continuously look over your wedding photos on your laptop or phone to remember to good moments.

Most if not all, photographers deliver your photos through an online gallery or mail you a flash drive. It’s not enough that you just have the photos sitting there on a flash drive. It was your freakin’ wedding day!!! Share those beautiful moments with your amazing guests and Facebook! Here’s five things you can do with those precious digital photos!!

Turn those digital files into prints


I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am that my parents and I lived in a time where disposable cameras were THE thing. Disposable cameras are still so easy to purchase, and you can develop them at your local Walgreens. What I’m trying to say is that I am so THANKFUL that I am able to hold prints in my hand from when I was three years old. It’s something so special to be able to look at boxes of prints from when I was a little girl. Just think about it.. your great grand babies will be able to feel and hold these photos from your wedding day.

When looking to print your photos, ask your photographer for recommendations. Maybe your photographer actually offers prints for you!

Share them on your social media

This might be a no-brainer and you probably already did this tbh. If you haven’t, do it! People love love, and they will be so happy when they see them. It was a beautiful moment in your life and you should share it with your friends and family who couldn’t/didn’t make it to your day.

Send thank you cards to your guests

Create and customize thank you cards for your friends and family who took the time to celebrate your big day! You invited them and I’m sure your guests had THE BEST time. Thank them. It goes such a long way.

Print a canvas to hang in your home

There a multiple ways to print a canvas. There are metal prints, acrylic and art prints. You can also print photos, and frame them to create a gallery wall. It is purely all up to how you want to display your photos.

Create your wedding album

Aside from printing your photos, create a wedding album. You can customize and create your wedding album, however you want. It can be as decorative or simple as you want. It could be one of those vogue-esk books on your coffee table. If you are a little hesitant, talk to your photographer about your wedding album. Get their feedback, because you want to make the photos flow.


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