March 5, 2020

3 Tips for posing with your significant other


Have a shoot coming up and you are telling yourself you’re not good at posing? Shy in front of the camera? Are you just casually looking up poses you can do with your bf/gf for a quick post for Instagram? No worries girl, I got you. These are a few of my favorite poses that I have taken. All of these couples are just LOVE. Pleaaaase take a look and use them for your next photoshoot!

Here are some tips and poses you can do with your loved one!

Lead The Way

Hold hands and let him slowly navigate you towards him. It’s almost like “hey babe come look at this”. It’s such a natural movement we do all the time!

Hold Each Other Close

Dangle your arms around each other and show all love. Face each other and give them a kiss on their forehead. You can look into each other’s eyes and smile too!

Lean On Him

Another good pose is to have one of you facing away from the camera, while the other is facing the camera. Wrap your arms around the love of your life and look at the camera!

Do you love these tips?? Let me know in the comments below!


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