February 12, 2020

let’s talk styled shoots

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Ever wanted to plan a style shoot??? WELLLL let me tell ya it’s some work!

In my first blog post, I am going to tell ya a little bit about the recent styled shoot I hosted with my wonderful friend Montana Wolf. I will also give you some tips on where to start and the steps we took to make it all come together. 

First off, WHAT????  I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU ARE HERE READING MY BLOG. HELLO. I WISH I COULD GIVE YOU ALL HUGS. (crying face emoji with heart emojis). So if you don’t already know (Check my insta), my friend Montana and I planned a western themed styled shoot. It turned out AHHHH-MAZING.

create a mood/inspirational board!

This is soooooooo important friends. Think of this as your brand. For example, for your brand you have distinguished fonts and colors you use for a PURPOSE. What is that purpose? TO BE CONSISTENT. The same goes for your styled shoot! You do not want to wing it. You must stay organized for the purpose of the shoot and for your other contributors/vendors. This is your starting point. When you post this on FB groups or IG to look for some vendors, the vendors need to make sure that this is their style/brand. 

I had a videographer who was pumped to shoot footage for us, but after looking at the mood board, it wasn’t their style which was TOTALLY fine.

write a list

Write a list of vendors that you are looking for. You may not even be looking for models and you just want to do a detailed shoot. IT’S UP TO YOU. decide. Write down your goal. 

find a location

Where is this styled shoot happening? Is it happening at a park? A venue? In the desert? Out of state or country? Figure that out before posting. It’s important to have a place before you post that mood board anywhere else. The last thing you want is to have a group of creatives with nowhere to go. 

post the mood board

Post the mood/inspo board in FB Groups. I posted it in a group called Dallas Girl Gang and other groups that were styled shoot specific. In your caption, tell the people when and where and what you are looking for. Don’t forget to tell them who you are! Keep in mind the people who are already in your life, for example my dear friend Debbie is a baker, so I asked her if she wanted to participate in our styled shoot. If any of your friends are photographers or any type of creatives, ask them first!

As you are getting people to respond, make sure to write their info (email, phone, IG Handle, FB Page) in that list you made earlier, so that if there are any questions you have you have their info! The IG handles and FB Pages are for tagging purposes.  Once you gathered all vendors, make sure to send a contract over to them. This is to highlight the expectations of the shoot and to make sure everyone is on board.

visit the location

While we are waiting for the day to arrive, VISIT THE LOCATION. If you are doing it at a venue, check it out. It’s important to see it in front of your eyes. When Montana and I checked out the Diamond A Ranch, our jaws dropped.It was insanely beautiful and we were instantly envisioning where to place the models and what we can do with the space. It not only helped us see what all we could use, but also meet Ali, the owner. She is the sweetest soul and I highly recommend everyone and anyone who is looking to get married soon, to book Diamond A Ranch. 


Communicate to your vendors! If your styled shoot is in a month, follow up with them to not only check to see if they are still participating, but to answer any questions they might have. I would highly suggest a timeline of the day sent to them a week in advance. Keep them informed of what to Expect! This is also veeeeerrrrry crucial incase of any last minute changes, so that you can be prepared accordingly. 

the day is HERE!

Be early! If you have flat lays or anything you need to set up before you start shooting, do it. If you have invited other photographers to join in, you really just want to make sure everything is set up before they arrive. 

Enjoy it! Whether you are a photographer or florist, just help out and enjoy the day. All of you hard work paid off! 

This styled shoot was so successful and we are so thankful for all of our vendors!

Venue: Ali Epler | @diamondaranchtexas

Rentals: Casey Moore with Rust & Relics | @rust_relics

Wooden Florals: Megan Rodriguez | @messemadeit

HMUA: Shelby Rowan | @rwn.beauty

Cake: Debbie Tellez | @debbiecakes_17

Charcuterie Board: Lane Tunstall | @boardbrie

Calligraphy: Jess Salmeron | @writethiswaycalligraphy

Models: Chelsey | @chels.tells + Ashton | @straightup_ash


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